Today was hectic, waking at 6:30, going to my sisters to shove everything ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I own into two cars, and then driving to sacramento. 15 minutes with Liva, 30 minutes with Kaitlyn, Millet Burger at the BEST RESTAURANT EVER Sunflower Drive In, drive to Nevada City, then Craft store (had to grab something for a swap on Craftster.org), local wifi cafe (forgot the address for sending on the Craftster swap) then post office and then finally... FINALLY! the Yuba River... and I got to plunge my entire body into that heavy, cool, dark, green water, and suddenly, feel human again for the first time in I don't know how long. Now, my entire body hurts from hitting it seems every part of my body on a different hot and glorious granite boulder, and I'm going to have more bruises than I can count, but it was worth it... it was worth EVERY BRUISE AND BUMP, it was worth all the bruises in the world after that first plunge, feeling the water close over my head.

The Yuba is a wonderland. Cool green pools surrounded by huge white granite boulders and separated by rapids that look tame, but watch your step! J and I were at the CA-49 Bridge (click here to read his account of it... it was his first time), one of my favorite spots just because there's a place slightly upriver of the bridge where the smooth granite make tunnels and slides, and you can float on the current underneath boulders so big you feel like an ant.  

We also played with the flat river rocks, building towers and balancing them on their points (more on this tomorrow).  

Now I'm at Kurt's until saturday.  One more day of river bliss (plus I get to see my chiropractor, a.k.a back-guru a.k.a the-man-who-always-made-all-my-booboos-go-away tomorrow!) and then one day of intense all day packing.  

I'm also trying to reach out to my father, (in case you're confused, Kurt is my father, and for reason's we don't need to go into now I've never called him anything but Kurt) and get to know him for the first time ever... and I really mean EVER.  This should be an interesting few days.  

J started a blog today, I hope he can keep it up! I love reading what he writes, particularly when it's about a day or event I was with him for.  Go check it out!  

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lifemoos. said...

why do you and jeston have no blog updates? its been acres of time already. hurry up!