My new favorite thing.

This sign in San Francisco. 

What is a "Paint Research Laboratory" what goes on there, and if you are a "Paint Research Laboratory" can't you repaint your own sign?

Plans changed, and I'm staying in Point Reyes with J until wednesday.  This is both good, and well, interesting.  My mom and J have not really spent any time together in the past, and so this will be exactly that... interesting.  At least I got to spend all day at Drakes Beach today, with sun and surf... me and J stayed in the (freezing) water for over 30 minutes riding the waves and splashing each other, then spent the rest of the time soaking in some sun.  Even J, who is whiter than a ghost took off his shirt and got a little color.  Hopefully we'll get to go to the bay tomorrow where it's supposedly warm enough to swim laps.  

One more terribly scary thing that happened today, for a whole bunch of reasons that I will go into soon, my father (and if you know me you know that my father and I don't exactly have the best relationship) is going to take me and J to college.  Whoa.  

Now I need to go sleep off my bright red sunburn.  

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wifey said...

This is why I don't go to the beach:

sunburn = melanoma

Wear sunscreen, missy.