Now I remember!

J and I had a heart to heart a couple nights ago in which I told him all the big massive lies I had not yet confessed to him. The ones I swore I would NEVER tell to ANYONE. Then he told me that I wasn’t fooling him, and he noticed all the time how much I exaggerate a story when I’m excitedly telling it to a friend, and change it frequently. Like the story about why I left college last year (which I will eventually post) and the part that goes “And when there were two weeks, where it didn’t, not once, get above (insert preferred temperature here) degrees, and I fled home to San Francisco then and there” in which the actual temperature has changed probably 15 times. He notices all-right, I mean he’s heard me tell all my stories five hundred times, and I always thought he wasn’t paying attention, but no, he notices, and get this… are you ready? HE DOESN’T CARE! He loves me anyway, and he has NEVER, not ONCE tried to change this fact. This is why I love this dorky, scrawny boy.

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