If you hire people who don't speak good english, they need to be really good at their jobs!

I officially hate Lowes. For those of you that might not know, Lowes is the California’s big-name hardware store. And I hate it. I hate it with a passion usually reserved only for ballpoint pens and bad driving directions. I hate it so much walking into it, those high shelves, the concrete floors, the greasy, sawdusty, sweaty smell, the people in their cute little blue vests who DON’T speak English and HAVE NO IDEA WHERE ANYTHING IS!

Today, I had to go to Lowes, to buy some I-rings, some S-hooks, a long thin piece of pine, some large metal rings and a small wooden dowel. THIS SMALL SIMPLE LIST TOOK ALMOST TWO HOURS. First there was the guy with the hearing aid that couldn’t hear my pleasant “excuse me sir, where are these rings in a smaller size” and left me standing there feeling extremely awkward until he turned around and almost bumped into me. Right there I was ready to forgive him, I mean, who was I to judge? He couldn’t hear me! I mean, for all I know his mother boxed his ears as a child, and he’s some sort of musical genius who’s going to write nine symphonies and cut the legs off his pianos so he can feel the vibrations through the floor. But possible musical brilliance aside, he still couldn’t tell me where the small I-rings were.

Now I am not racist, nor do I have a problem with stores hiring people with disabilities. I simply think that if you do hire people with imperfect english for whatever reason, they need to be REALLY GOOD AT THEIR JOB or in the back, stocking shelves. It is ridiculous for me not to be able to find a single person in a hardware store who can articulately and concisely tell me exactly where I need to go for what.

The lady with the weird middle-eastern accent couldn’t tell me where the aluminum s-hooks were, and the weird and thickly lisping Indian guy couldn’t tell me where the pine was, and the weird young emo kid who literally DID NOT OPEN HIS MOUTH WHEN SPEAKING could not tell me where the dowels were. All in all, it was NOT a good trip. And it gets worse! Upon getting home, I discovered that the WHOLE BOX OF I-HOOKS was left at the store. So I have to go back. Early. In. The. Morning.

I also currently hate fake flowers, but that’s a story for another day. As are the 5 wonderful hours I spent with the ONLY girl I have ever felt truly comfortable with. I love you Jules!

I have decided, due to a pinched nerve in my shoulder, and more incredibly painful back problems to not do anymore of the yoga I was trying to do. More on that soon as well.

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xoxoxo!!! And sucks about the i-rings. Lowes commercials annoy me. As a rule i never go there. "Let's build something together." Bullshit. Let's have a fight while we try to figure out what the hell we're making. Grrrr. Home Depot children represent! Hahaha.