Going up to Cazadero yesterday was great.  I was only there for 4 weeks last summer, but J has been there for the last 10 summers.  It's so amazing to see these kids, all playing their instruments under the huge redwoods, it's like a whole little world in itself.  More amazing than the kids though, is the staff.  They all hang around for years, most of them started as campers, switched to CIT's (counselor in training) at 17 or 18, then became counselors, music instructors, stage managers, office staff, music faculty, deans, kitchen staff, store managers, and eventually, directors. It's almost like you start at age 10 and never leave.  J and I were going to work there this summer as well, but well, yea.  We didn't get hired.  That's a little bit of a sore spot.  Shh, don't tell anyone.  

But it was great to see everyone, most of the staff this year is the same as last year, with just a few exceptions, and it really felt like no time had passed, and it was last year, summer 07, and J and I were going to finish checking out this bunch of campers, go to the beach with everyone else, and then go back to our wooden decks, our beautified canvas tents (we all would bring lights and rugs, and everything else to make them pretty) and  get ready to welcome a new bunch of kids on Monday.  I wish it was that way, but instead we came home, driving too much, watched some TV and went to bed.  

Some pictures to show how it is.  

The bridge when you first come into camp... if you run, it creates waves in the wood. Sweet.
Junior High Performance...
High-school Band

Fun at Staff Concert Variety Night
Me and J at the Halloween Dance (there are dances every week for staff to dress up and kids to dance) 
Staff Guitar Ensemble (J on the right)
Staff Chior

Final Dance (Prom theme)
Me and my co-counselor Cassie at Prom
J and Megan Dancing
The Boys

A boys cabin...
Final beach bonfire... fire-walking!
STAFF! (or a small portion there-of)
My high-school girls cabin.  

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wifey said...

Oh, I can't WAIT to get up there myself... sigh. TWO WEEKS.