Bon Voyage

So... first post, always a little awkward.  Do I jump right in, start talking about the dress I'm making? My current stomach ache? How obnoxious the motorcycles outside my windows are? Or introduce myself to the empty auditorium shyly stating a name and a purpose?  I have a whole life behind me, heart-ache, joy, music, crafts, parents, friends, food, school, love... but whoever may read this (probably no-one) doesn't know that... maybe I'm a freaky little blond 14 year-old, trying to pull a few legs, or maybe I'm a 50 year-old mom trying to blow off some stress.  

Whoever I may be and whoever you may be (no scary pedophiles please!), for some reason, You are reading this.  

Thanks, by the way, and I hope you come back.  

Anyway.  This should turn into one of those blogs, with a small but avid reader base, where I talk about whatever is going on right now... plus a lot about whatever craft I'm currently working on.  I probably shouldn't have said that.  Just watch, (or don't as the case may be) I'm going to have jinxed myself with that, and now I'm going to hear nothing but my voice echoing into cyberspace, still standing on that empty auditorium stage.  

Well, successful or not, here I go, showing myself to the world, with high hopes, and deep insecurities.  

Smash the champagne! Push push push from the docks, babies crying, mothers waving kerchiefs, a maiden voyage for a ponderous and jerry-rigged ship, full of interesting things to show and trade all around the world. Cry "Bon Voyage!"  from the harbor as the sails change from bed sheets to birds and the lines to tiny strings.  The crew is ready, the captain stands alert, log open in front of him, and he writes:

"I think it's the ship's time of the month, perhaps this was not the best day to sail"

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