I'm going to New York this fall, to school on Long Island, which to me, is not that scary. Apparently my mom does not agree however, she said this morning that she was concerned about me going so far away because there's "going to be a nuclear war". Now I like to think a little more optimistically, perhaps that the world is not going to fall apart immediately at least not in the next four years. Can I please get through college, get a degree, before we're reduced to cowering in the country, waiting for one beautiful city after another to go up in smoke.

What I can't understand, is why anyone, no-matter what their agenda, or their reasons, would ever, EVER, fire a nuclear weapon. Wasn't that the POINT of Mutually Assured Destruction? Even just one stupid teeny tiny nuke, just means the end of everything beautiful we have left.

Dear Terrorists, please don't blow up everything until after I get out of college!
Thanks, Em

That'll do the trick, I'm sure.

Yoga was a little hard today, didn't happen until 9pm. Plus, I'm going up to Cazadero Performing Arts Camp tomorrow to visit some old friends. So, no post tomorrow most likely... Not that anyone is waiting on their toes!

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Julia said...

I'm waiting on my toes! And I only just found out how to leave comments or I would have before.

Love you mucho. Hope CAZ is awesome blossom fabulous. Stole that line from a MTV reality show contestant attempting to star in Legally Blonde, the Musical. Can you tell what she was like?